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Current List of Vendors for the 2022 Season

Ten Hens Farm
– Produce (Salad Mixes, Seasonal Vegetables)

Vermillion Creek Honey Company
– Honey, Honey Products

Baking Fun for You
– Baked Goods (Cake, Pies, Cinnamon Rolls)

Hayward’s Handmade
– Gluten Free Baked Goods (Mini Muffins)

Five Points Farm
– Maple Syrup, Homemade Bread

– Burritos, Chips, Salsa

Sunshine, Smiles, and Sweets
– Baked Goods, Carmel Corn, Flower Bouquets

Oopsie Daises
– Fresh Cut Flowers


* This list is subject to change throughout the season *
* Each vendor may not attend every Market *

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